DSM 1000 CD圆二色光谱仪

可选配置 Upgradeable
  • Protein Secondary Structure analysis,
  • Protein folding analysis,
  • Nucleic Acid, RNA, & DNA studies,
  • All macromolecules with chiral signals
  • Direct acquisition of abs(L) and abs(R)
  • Single and Dual Beam absorbance and circular dichroism
  • Standard range of 170-540 nm, extendible into the NIR
  • No calibration, no drift, flat baselines
  • Linearity over 5 orders of magnitude
  • DeSa subtractive double grating monochromator for homogenous measuring beam (preferred for heterogeneous samples, such asmembrane proteins and crystals)
  • Ozone producing 150W Xenon arc lamp in an elliptical mirrored housing; substitution with other source easily implemented by?Olis staff or laboratory members
  • Cylindrical & rectangular cuvette holders (jacketed or Peltier)
  • Thermal studies with single or multiple position Peltier cell holders
  • CD Stopped-flow
  • Magnetic CD? using tiny 1.4 Tesla permanent magnet
  • Fluorescence Detected CD
  • Rapid-scanning absorbance and UV/Vis stopped flow
  • Rapid-scanning fluorescence and fluorescence stopped-flow
  • CLARiTY performance for accurate results with turbid samples in the UV/Vis